Berkeley Springs Community Radio Station WDHC 92.9 Sold, Will Broadcast Spanish Music and Talk

The Berkeley Springs’ terrain is shifting — and it’s just this side of seismic.


Circa 33 closed.

Fairfax Coffee House closed.

Leonards’ Fairfax Thai Fusion closed.

Ambrae House closed.

Earth Dog closing.

Berkeley Springs’ only community radio station WDHC 92.9 FM — sold.

From country music to rock and roll to Spanish adult contemporary music.

Capper Broadcasting has sold the local community station to a Washington, D.C. area conglomerate — Metro Radio — for $365,000.

Up until now, you’ve heard friendly voices broadcasting from community events, playing ads for community restaurants and other businesses, warning residents of traffic accidents and fires, and broadcasting local weather reports.

No more.

Starting next week, 92.9 will simulcast sister station WTNT, which broadcasts Spanish adult contemporary music and talk 24/7.

No more local weather, local news, local community events.

On March 1, the staff at the station was fired on the spot.

One DJ who worked there for 17 years and was fired via text message.

Dave Houston of Metro Radio did not return calls seeking comment.

The community had no say in the matter.

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