Bill Clark George Miller Darren Thorne Charles Trump Win Republican Primary

Morgan County Commissioner Bill Clark held off a challenge from G.W. Easton to win the Republican primary for county commissioner.

Darren J. Thorne

Clark garnered 1,195 votes (54 percent) to Easton’s 1,038 (46 percent).

In the newly redistricted 90th House of Delegates district, George Miller ran past Ken Reed 1,307 votes (58 percent) to 952 votes (42 percent).

And in the newly redistricted 89th House of Delegates district, Hampshire County farmer Darren Thorne upset the incumbent Ruth Rowan 971 votes (51 percent) to 927 (49 percent).

State Senator Charles Trump ran unopposed in the Republican primary.

As it stands right now, Clark, Miller, Thorne and Trump will run unopposed in the November election. 

The Democrats are not fielding candidates in any of those Morgan County races.

The school levies won by 1,434 votes (56 percent) to 1,124 votes against (44 percent).

And Aaron Close, Laura Smith and Justin Litten were elected to the Board of Education.

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