Live from the Courthouse in Berkeley Springs Primary Election Night May 10, 2022

10:23 pm About to leave courthouse. But before we leave final results.

Bill Clark 1,195 (53 percent). GW Easton 1,038 (46 percent).

George Miller (1,168) (66 percent). Ken Reed 594 (34 percent)

For the levies 1,434 (56 percent). Against the levies 1,124 (44 percent).

10:07 pm Precinct 25. Cacapon State Park. Bill Clark 66 percent. GW Easton 34 percent.

Running rough final total: Bill Clark 1,195 (53 percent) to GW Easton 1,038 (47 percent).

1o pm Precinct 23 Pleasant View. Bill Clark 57 percent. GW Easton 43 percent.

Running rough total: Bill Clark 1,119 (53 percent) to GW Easton 999 (47 percent).

9:55 pm Precinct 21 House Assembly of God. Bill Clark 53 percent. GW Easton 47 percent.

Rough total: Bill Clark 1,011 (52 percent). GW Easton 916 (48 percent).

Two more precincts left. Unless something dramatic happens, looks like Bill Clark

9:51 pm Precinct 18 Paw Paw. Bill Clark 84 percent. GW Easton 16 percent.

Rough total: Bill Clark 887 (52 percent) GW Easton 805 (48 percent).

9:48 pm Precinct 8. Board of Education. Easton 57 percent. Clark 43 percent.

Rough total: Bill Clark 814. GW Easton 791.

Tightening up.

9:45 pm Precinct 4. Widmeyer. Bill Clark 54 percent. GW Easton 46 percent.

Rough running total: Bill Clark 717 (52 percent). GW Easton 663 (48 percent).

9:44 pm Running total with first 7 precincts. Bill Clark 674. GW Easton 626.

9:41 pm Precinct 6. High school. Bill Clark 55 percent. GW Easton 45 percent.

9:38 pm Precinct 2. Warm Spings Middle School. GW Easton 51 percent. Bill Clark 49 percent.

9:37 pm George Miller is going to defeat Ken Reed for House of Delegates 90. Called it.

9:35 pm Precinct 7 Courthouse. Bill Clark 57 percent. GW Easton 34 percent.

George Miller 74 percent. Ken Reed 26 percent.

9:30 pm Precinct 13 Great Cacapon. GW Easton 56 percent. Bill Clark 44 percent.

9:27 pm Precinct 24. Greenwood. Miller romping over Reed. Miller 67 percent. Reed 33 percent.

Bill Clark 58 percent. GW Easton 42 percent.

9:23 pm Precinct 5 in. Intermediate school. Miller 77 percent. Reed 23 percent.

Clark 55 percent. Easton 49 percent.

9:21 pm Looks like Aaron Close (32 person), Justin Litten (30 percent), Laura Smith (28 percent) for Morgan County Board of Education. Jonathan Slifer looks like the person left out — 8 percent.

9:19 pm Bill Clark in a tight race with GW Easton. Middle school — Easton 51 percent, Clark 59 percent.

9:18 pm George Miller is cruising early. One precinct back (precinct one Middle School) from Morgan County and Miller takes it 66 percent to 34 percent.

9:15 pm With one precinct reporting from Berkeley County in House of Delegates District 90, George Miller leads 62 percent to 38 percent. Here come the first Morgan County returns.

9:11 pm At tight race in House of Delegates District 89. With 28 percent of the vote in, Republican Delegate Ruth Rowan leads Darren Thorne 51 percent to 49 percent. Those are Hampshire County returns. Still nothing from Morgan County, although County Clerk Kimberly Nickles came out and said first precincts should be out momentarily.

9:07 pm Is there an explanation for the delay? Commissioner Sean Forney just went into the back to find out.

8:37 pm Dave Wasserman of the Cook Political Report calls the Congressional race for Alex Mooney. With 20 percent of the precincts reporting, Mooney leads McKinley by 48 percent to 41 percent.

Still nothing from Morgan County. Stay tuned. Should be soon.

8:01 at the Courthouse.

Eight people at the courthouse. Mostly reporters.

Returns coming in within the next fifteen minutes or so.

Hot races:

It’s all Republican all the time.

G.W. Easton versus Bill Clark for Morgan County Commissioner.

Alex Mooney versus David McKinley for Congress.

Ken Reed versus George Miller for House of Delegates.

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