Tari’s Cafe in Berkeley Springs Closes

Tari’s Cafe, the anchor restaurant in downtown Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, has closed.

“It is with profound sadness that we announce the closing of Tari’s,” Tari’s current owner Amy Hoffman wrote last week.

“A great, beautiful chapter has come to an end,” she wrote. “We have had such tremendous support from our unyielding fan base, even during these darkest days. Unfortunately, we, along with everyone else are still feeling the reverberating effects this unforeseen circumstance has had on all small businesses over these past couple of years.”

The restaurant was started in 1989 by Tari Hampe-Deneen and her husband Lovey.

“I was raised on fresh produce, wild game and fish,” Hampe-Deneed told a reporter after opening her restaurant. “As a child, I learned to make everything from scratch. In season, you’ll find fresh produce and herbs daily from my bountiful gardens.”

On July 1, 2006, Tari sold the business and the building to Amy Mcbee, now Amy Hoffman.

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