Gas No Longer Cheaper Across the Border in Virginia than in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia

Historically, gas prices have been cheaper over the border in Virginia than in Berkeley Springs, West Viriginia.

For drivers concerned about the price of gas, waiting until they had shopping or business in Virginia could save 10 cents, 20 cents and sometimes 30 cents on a gallon.

And competition over the border was fierce, as smaller gas stations, like the Citgo or the Gainesboro Market near Winchester or the State Line store on the way to Romney would seek to undercut by a few pennies their larger rivals like Liberty and Sheetz.

Filling up your tank in Virginia could save you five to ten dollars a fill up.

But over the past month or so, gas prices in Berkeley Springs have become competitive with those over the border.

A Gas Buddy chart comparing gas prices in Virginia to West Virginia over the last three months shows that gas prices were ten cents a gallon cheaper up until about a month ago when the Virginia and West Virginia gas prices converged.

According to Gas Buddy, the gas price at the Liberty in Cross Junction, Virginia this morning was $2.69 a gallon and at the Gainesboro Market and at the Citgo it was $2.64 a gallon. At the Sheetz in Winchester it was $2.72.

Berkeley Springs prices were competitive. At the Sheetz in Berkeley Springs, the price was $2.65 a gallon and at ROCS it was $2.75.

We put the question to Jim Garrity of AAA.

“We looked into your question, and it’s a difficult one to pinpoint,” Garrity said. “For example, over the weekend the Virginia prices were higher, but today, as you mentioned, they’re level with each other.”

“In terms of gas taxes, Virginia had an increase in its statewide gas tax last summer, so it’s likely that prices increased shortly thereafter as a result. In terms of why prices increased in Cross Junction, Virginia, it could be a more local issue like increased delivery costs or transportation disruptions, competition between stations, or a number of other issues.”

“AAA does not recommend motorists travel from one state to another to save money at the pump. Not only do you potentially spend the money you save just by traveling, any longer drive with less than a quarter tank of gas is inherently risky and potentially unsafe.”

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