Frontier Tackles Morgan County Bandwidth Problem

Over the past month, Kevin Wallick was getting calls from Morgan County Frontier customers about problems with their Internet service.

Kevin Wallick Senior VP Frontier Communications

Kevin Wallick
Senior VP
Frontier Communications

Wallick is senior VP for operations in West Virginia for the telecommunications company. Every Frontier technician, engineer and salesperson reports directly to him.

Wallick identified the problem as a bandwidth problem that was affecting 1,800 Morgan County customers.

And over the last couple of weeks, from about June 1 to June 15, Wallick deployed engineers to increase the bandwidth tenfold.

Now, apparently, the problem has been resolved.

“We were hearing from our Morgan County customers that they were having some browsing issues with slow speeds – they were being disconnected,” Wallick said. “We identified the issue. We assigned our engineers to a project that upgraded four boxes on the Berkeley Springs, Hedgesville, Falling Waters, Martinsburg route. From the time it came to my attention, it took us two weeks. We increased the bandwidth on that entire route.”

Wallick says that if Frontier customers have an issue with their Internet services – call the main customer service line – 800.921.8101 – and get a trouble ticket.

Wallick says that if the customer needs to follow up, they can call Wallick directly on his cell phone at 330.663.6353 or email him at


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