Berkeley Springs House Destroyed in Overnight Fire

An overnight fire destroyed a house six miles south of Berkeley Springs, West Virginia.


The house, at 7440 Valley Road, was owned by Fahima Vorgetts and sits next door to the Country Traditions Emporium.

The South Morgan Fire Department responded to the fire at the address at 2:30 am. When they arrived, the fire was “fully involved,” according to a Department’s spokesman.

At the scene this morning at 10:30 am, the fire was still smoldering and George Harms, an investigator with the West Virginia Fire Marshal, was investigating.

The Country Traditions Emporium Facebook page posted a note this morning.

“There was a house fire in a home located next to the store overnight but the store was not the structure that burned,” the note read. “I know some people have seen the news report and because of the shared address thought the store was the burning structure. Thankful that from the reports I have gotten so far no one was hurt in the fire.”


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