Potomac Edison Power Outage Knocks Out 2,200 Customers

A major power outage has left 2,271 out of 11,294 customers in Morgan County, West Virginia without electricity.

That’s according to Potomac Edison spokeswoman Charlene Gilliam.

In Berkeley Springs, Food Lion was dark. McDonald’s dark. Everything from there south — dark.

Gilliam said that a crossbeam — that’s the horizontal piece at the top of an electricity pole — on US 522 broke. And when it broke, lines fell onto other lines triggering a reaction that led to a full circuit lockout at the South Berkeley Circuit of the Morgan Substation at the intersection of Waugh Road and Johnson’s Mill Road, Gilliam said.

Gilliam said she did not know what caused the crossarm to break.

Gilliam said electricity went out at 3:23 pm.

“Workcrews on are site and we estimate that power will be restored at 6:30 pm,” Gilliam said.

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