Sam and Jeff DuVal Buy Creekside Creamery

Sam and Jeff DuVal, owners of Camp Potomac Peak in Great Cacapon, West Virginia last month purchased the Creekside Creamery building in Berkeley Springs.

The DuVals say that they are renovating the building and intend to make two short term one bedroom rentals upstairs. They are unsure about their plans post-renovation for downstairs.

“The core of the building is over 100 years old,” Jeff DuVal said. “It’s been added onto and maintained at various levels over many years. We’re going to replace the decks, the windows, the doors and the siding.”

He says that upstairs now has one very large apartment and the plan is to split it into two one bedroom apartments.

“We’re thinking about food options for the downstairs,” DuVal said. “But we haven’t decided yet what it’s going to be.”

The DuVals were weekenders from northern Virginia for years.

“We have owned a home in Great Cacapon for nine years – and got married there seven years ago,” Sam says.

“We started spending more and more time here and finally decided – this is where we want to own a business.”

They purchased two cabins in Great Cacapon near their home and turned it into Camp Potomac Peak.

“We purchased the property in March of 2020,” Sam DuVal said. “We spent 12 to 18 months doing significant renovations. The first cabin opened in September 2021 and then the second one opened in April 2022.”

“It’s going really well. Occupancy rates are very high. Guests are very pleased with our places.”

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