Morgan County COVID-19 Cases Jump From 20 to 25

Morgan County COVID-19 virus cases jumped from 20 to 25 over the course of the last week or so. The number of COVID-19 had been stuck on 19 cases for much of July.

“All the cases were community spread,” Morgan County Health Department’s Bill Kearns said this morning on WRNR’s Eastern Panhandle Talk with Rob Mario and David Welch. “You can do away with the idea that maybe it was an outbreak in a certain area. It was not.” 

“We know that with Morgan County being close to Maryland, some people do come in from out of state to stay in beautiful Morgan County. We know the cases are going to come. I was actually shocked that the cases stayed as low as they were for a while. Certainly 25 cases is not that large of an amount. Berkeley County has 583 cases.”

“But you are looking at a huge jump at one time. It was just by chance that over a few days those numbers went from 19 to 25. Twenty-five cases in Morgan County is not that high. The restaurants in Morgan County are doing a great job. People are spacing out.”

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