Gas Now Cheaper in Berkeley Springs Than Neighboring Virginia

For the first time in forever, gas is now cheaper in Berkeley Springs and Morgan County, West Virginia than in neighboring Virginia.

Regular gas at local stations — from the Exxon station near Cacapon State Park to the Sheetz and Roy’s Garage in town — were at $1.65 a gallon.

Gas stations across the border in Virginia were higher. At the Liberty five miles south of the border, gas was at $1.79. At the Shawnee Springs Shell station, gas was $1.69. And at the Sheetz in Winchester, Virginia, gas was running at $1.70. 

Gas in Hedgesville and Martinsburg continues to hover around $1.95.

Gas at the Sheetz over the bridge in Hancock, Maryland was running at $1.99.

AAA says that on average, gas continues to be ten cents more expensive in West Virginia ($1.93) than in Virginia ($1.83).

“I’m not seeing anything in particular other than gas stations setting their own prices,” said AAA spokesperson Jeanette Casselano. “With really cheap crude oil in the market, stations may be dipping lower than normal just based on business operations.”

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