Tom Harden Takes on Daryl Cowles for House of Delegates

Tom Harden calls himself  “a simple hardworking West Virginian trying to make a difference.” He has worked more than 25 years at the former Seely Furniture, currently Caperton Furniture Works in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia.

Harden’s father, Terry T. Harden, held the House of Delegates seat from Morgan County for a number of terms.

What made Tom Harden want to run for House of Delegates against current Delegates Daryl Cowles?

“I’m just fed up with the people out there that aren’t doing anything for us, the people here,” Harden told This Week in Morgan County in an interview earlier this month. “Their agenda isn’t for us. There are so many things that need to be fixed that aren’t getting done.”

Harden says that many of his fellow workers support his run for House of Delegates because “I’m a hard worker, I’m honest and I’ll do right by us.”

“I’m not going to take any crap, I’m going to kick some butt and work for the people,” Harden said.

Harden says that workers in the area, including teachers and state workers, are underpaid.

“They need more money,” Harden said. “And if you give them more money, our economy will be better.”

Harden said that people in Morgan County will know him as Terry T. Harden’s son.

“He got things done,” Harden said. “We can thank him for branch banking. He helped get funding for the Apple Butter Festival to get it started. Lifetime hunting licenses. He helped sponsor those bills.”

As for Daryl Cowles, the current delegate from the 58th District, Harden says – “he’s lost touch with the people.”

“He’s being backed by the wrong people,” Harden said. “If you go in and look up who has been donating to his cause, it’s mostly companies.”

“I don’t have any of that. I’ve been working off a shoestring budget.”

Since the interview and since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, Harden has posted a statement on his campaign web page.

“I am asking each one of you to reach out to your neighbors and check on them,” Harden writes.“It’s not about who has the most toilet paper it’s about each and everyone of us surviving this pandemic. People may be quarantined and run out of medicine or food, I challenge each and everyone to help your family, friends, and neighbors. I know I will.”

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