Sun of Love Mural With Wolf Bear Spider Man Iwo Jima and Yoda Overlooking Downtown Berkeley Springs

A spectacular new mural is up on the east wall of the Fairfax Coffee Shop overlooking Fairfax Street in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia.

The mural features a sun in the middle with the word love in seven languages, with huge colorful native American feathers coming out of the sun, surrounded by a wolf, a bear, birds, butterflies, a jellyfish, trees on the left side of the sun and Yoda, Spider Man and the Iwo Jima memorial on the right.

The young artist is Matthew Denton.  

Denton was born and raised in Martinsburg, West Virginia, but now lives in Corinth, Vermont. 

It’s Denton’s first mural. He says his vision is to color the world. 

“My life goal is to have a piece of art in all 50 states and in every country,” Denton says. “I love creating happy, positive and colorful art.”

Denton has pieces of his art in 28 states so far and in about a dozen countries. How many countries are there in the world. “Google says there are 195,” Denton says. “I’m interested in doing more murals. If people are interested, they can contact me through my web site —”

Matthew Denton

How did the Fairfax Coffee Shop mural come about?

“I met the owners Paul and Trey Johanson at the Fairfax Coffee House,” Denton says. “I walked in and they had hardly any art on the wall. So I asked Trey — would you like some art on the wall? She says — yes. So I showed her my art and long story short, my art hung inside the coffee shop for about two years. And then one day, Trey took me outside, and she took me out to the grass field, and she pointed to the side of the wall and she’s like — Matt, what do you think? We would love to have a mural on the side of this wall. And I’m like, oh my God that’s awesome. This is amazing. So she offered me the mural job.”

It took Denton four weeks to finish the mural. He completed it this past weekend, just in time for Trey and Paul’s wedding, which was held Saturday night at the great new open space next to the Fairfax Coffee House.



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