One Week Out and Berkeley Springs Teenager Riley Crossman Still Missing

After hundreds of man hours of searching over seven days and coordination with multiple law enforcement agencies, Berkeley Springs teenager Riley Crossman is still missing.

Riley Crossman

Morgan County Sheriff K.C. Bohrer said that tomorrow (May 15) “we will begin a large coordinated effort to search and re-search areas we have identified for this task.”

The search will begin at 9 am at the Pines Opportunity Center – former War Memorial Hospital.

The search will include – wooded or uninhabited areas, bodies of water, vacant buildings, abandoned vehicles, shafts, underpasses, backyards and any other secluded areas.

Morgan County Administrator Stephanie Allemong has activated the Morgan County Emergency Operations Center as the hub for the search efforts.

“We would ask the general public to check their property themselves since they know it best,” Bohrer said. “We appreciate the abundance of offers for manpower and support. At this time we believe we have adequate resources for tomorrow.”

“Please do not bring K9’s or other animals that have not yet been requested. Please check our web and Facebook site for further direction and requirements instead of calling our offices and E 911 which are already extremely busy.”

“We ask for your continued support and patience during this effort,” Bohrer said.

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