Morgan County Expo in Berkeley Springs August 25 and 26

Watermelon eating contest.

Donut eating contest.

Fiddle contest.

Master gardeners.

Music – including the Hot Rod Rockers and the Tri-State Eukelectic Orchestra.

Food food food.

You get all that and more at the Morgan County Expo. (See flyer here.)

Previously known as the Morgan County Fair. The name was changed last year.

It’s all happening August 25 and 26 at the Morgan County Senior Center next to U.S. Silica in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia.

“4H, Future Farmers, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts – they are all trying to show our county what their potential is,” Terri Bliziotes, President of the Morgan County Expo told This Week in Morgan County with Russell Mokhiber. “In that sense, the Expo is showing what our potential is in the future.”

“We have people who have been putting in their exhibits for 30 or 40 years,” Bliziotes said.

“They put in their pickles every year. They put in their quilts every year.”

In previous years, the Morgan County Fair was held at the high school. Why was the venue changed to the senior center?

“The school is under construction this year,” Bliziotes said. “We had to find a different venue. The senior center is a nice venue. It puts us back into a more open space.”

“The expo is free to everyone. The expo is an assessment we should all be proud of. We get to see positive things youth are doing. You get to see some of the potential for new activities in our county.”

“You can buy all the baked goods, quilted items and many other items.”

The Morgan County Expo will kick off at Berkeley Springs High School Friday night August 24 with a rally for the Berkeley Springs Indians football team. The Indians will be kicking off the season with a game against Petersburg.

“We are going to start around 4:30 or 5 o’clock with a tailgate party. Bring family and friends, wear blue and gold. The idea is to fill those bleachers up as much as you can and intimidate the opposing team. We want families to get out there and have a great time. And it will kick off the Expo.”

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