Larry Kump Defeats Tally Reed

Former delegate Larry Kump (986 votes) defeated Tally Reed (951 votes) by 35 votes in the Republican primary for the West Virginia House of Delegates District 59.

Kump will face Democrat John Isner in November.

Reed’s campaign was engulfed from the beginning by a controversy over whether or not she lived in the district.

A lawsuit challenging her claim of residency is pending on appeal before the West Virginia Supreme Court.

In other Morgan County election news, in the Republican primary for County Commission, businessman Sean Forney (1,811 votes – 73 percent) defeated County Commissioner Bob Ford (671 votes – 27 percent).

The school levy passed with 2,276 votes in favor of the levy (61 percent) to 1,449 votes against the levy (39 percent.)

Aaron Close (1,856 votes – 22 percent), Eric Lyda (1,731 votes – 21 percent) and Laura Smith (1,490 votes – 18 percent) were elected to the school board.

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