Berkeley Springs Resident Dia Griffiths to Speak on Year Abroad in Korea

Berkeley Springs resident Dia Griffiths will be holding a seminar about her experiences during her Young Adult Volunteer year abroad in Korea.

Dia Griffiths

The seminar will take place on Sunday October 29 from 3 pm to 5 pm at the Berkeley Springs Presbyterian Church.

The seminar is sponsored by the Morgan County Forum for Arts Science and Technology.

Griffiths will speak about  living and working in South Korea for a year.  

She will tell stories and explain the Young Adult Volunteer program and her work in the community against poverty and injustice.

Griffiths will also discuss how she witnessed peace and reconciliation efforts on the Korean Peninsula.  

She will discuss the forgotten war between the Koreas and how that has led her to look at how peace and peace work is important not just in Korea but to her own communities, and what needs to be done for peace in those communities around the world.  

Questions and reception after seminar.

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