Berkeley Springs Man Says He’ll Vote for Brenda Not Bob

Ron Clingerman says that if the election were held today, he’d vote for Brenda not Bob.

That would be County Commissioner Brenda Huthcinson over her challenger – former Democrat and current Republican and former Morgan County Commissioner Bob Ford.

“If you go with Commissioner Hutchinson, she has done a lot for the county,” Clingerman told Morgan County USA in the first in a series of Man on the Street interviews about the upcoming election. “When I looked up in the records, Bob Ford loved to sue the county when he was in as county Commissioner. He tried to bring in a garbage disposal incinerator into the county. I sure wouldn’t want him being my county commissioner if he’s going to sue me. What would you want him in there working for you if you know he’s going to sue you?”

Clingerman said that if the election for Morgan County Commissioner were held today, he’d vote for Brenda, not Bob.

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