Stacy Dugan Republican Democrat

From the top down, party will have little or no meaning for voters in November in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia.

Let’s start at the top. President Obama (D), a former constitutional law professor, shreds the Constitution by personally ordering extra-judicial killings.

Is that a Democrat or a Republican virtue?

Senator Joe Manchin (D) promotes coal industry mountaintop removal and natural gas industry hydraulic fracturing.

Is that a Democrat or Republican virtue?

And then you have Stacy Dugan. Dugan is President of the Morgan County Commission.

Dugan says she’s a Democrat.

But she often aligns herself with Morgan County Republicans.

Most recently, on August 12, Dugan attended the Morgan County Republican Party’s kick off campaign event at the Triple B Arena. Triple B is Republican Bob Ford’s place.

The event was sponsored by the Morgan County Republican Club — Debra McLaughlin, Ronnie McIntire, Greg Miller, Vince Shambaugh, Glen Stotler and Bob Ford.

Ford is the former Democrat — now Republican — running against Democrat County Commissioner Brenda Hutchinson.

Remember Bob? He is the former County Commissioner who sued the County in 2005 while he was on the Commission and cost the county $30,000.

Just out of curiosity, we wanted to know from Dugan — what message was she sending by attending the Bob Ford kick off Republican campaign event?

Is she supporting Bob or Brenda?

Dugan did not respond to our e-mail seeking comment.

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