Jim McCoy on Patsy Cline and Her First Time on the Radio

Jim McCoy is the owner of the Troubadour Restaurant and Lounge in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia.

The Troubadour was named after McCoy’s friend, the Texas Troubadour — the late great Ernest Tubb.

McCoy started his career in music in the 1950s where he hosted a half hour country music radio show every Saturday on WINC in Winchester, Virginia.

“Patsy Cline lived in Winchester, not too far from the radio station,” McCoy told This Week in Morgan County with Russell Mokhiber. “We were using one microphone. Patsy was 14 years old. She comes into the radio station. I didn’t talk her that day. But the next Saturday she was there. And she said — I want to sing. I don’t want no money. I just want to sing. We hadn’t rehearsed. I said — well, we need to rehearse. When I heard her sing, I will never forget it. I knew she was going to be a big one. She was a great singer at 14. People don’t know it but she played a little piano too.”


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