Dollar General CEO Todd Vasos Target of West Virginia Postcard Campaign

Residents of a rural residential community in West Virginia are sending postcards to the Nashville, Tennessee home of Dollar General CEO Todd Vasos.


The message to Vasos — Don’t Mess with Rural West Virginia.

That message is printed in bold letters on the front of the postcard over a picture of the community in southern Morgan County ten miles south of Berkeley Springs, West Virginia where Dollar General has proposed to put another one of its stores.

On the back of the postcard is a note to Vasos.

“Dear Todd Vasos,” the note reads. “As you know, Dollar General wants to drop another one of its stores in our rural residential neighborhood here in southern Morgan County, West Virginia. We don’t want it here.”

“The proposed Dollar General store would be across Oakland Road from a community church and across US 522 from Cacapon State Park,” the note to Vasos says. “That’s the peace and tranquility of a church and a park disrupted by the commercialism of another Dollar General.”

“Like oil and water—the two don’t mix.”

“There are already three dollar stores in Morgan County — two Dollar Generals and a Family Dollar. If you really think our small county needs four dollar stores, then there is a suitable business park just about a mile south of Oakland Road. Put it there.”

Communities around the country are standing up to Dollar General’s rapid expansion plans into residential areas.

Just this week in Salisbury, North Carolina, a local community defeated a proposed Dollar General store.

Also this week, a community is Auburn, Alabama is protesting a proposed Dollar General store that is being dropped right at the foot of their neighborhood.

And businesses and community leaders in Redwood Valley, California are protesting a proposed Dollar General there.


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