Ed Rabel Campaigns on Horseback in West Virginia

Independent candidate for Congress Ed Rabel is campaigning through the West Virginia countryside — on horseback.

Rabel, the former CBS and NBC newsman, is running as an independent in the Second Congressional District of West Virginia.

“I’m Ed Rabel campaigning here in the West Virginia countryside with my buddy Thor,” Rabel said in the video released by his campaign.

Thor is a black Friesian/Quarter Horse cross.

“We’ve got incredible problems in this country, and in the world. The Congress — the Democrats and the Republicans — do nothing. Their failure to govern this nation endangers all of us. I’d like to be your voice in Congress — the independent voice.”

“If you have ever been to West Virginia, you know how beautiful our mountains are,” Rabel says from high atop Thor overlooking Sleepy Creek Mountain in Morgan County, West Virginia. “They are being destroyed by big coal. And the water is being polluted as well. I want to save the mountains and the streams for not only ourselves, but our children and our grandchildren. In November vote independent. Vote Ed Rabel for Congress.”

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