Keep the Troubadour Alive This Friday Berkeley Springs

What Danish television called the last great honky tonk in America — Jim McCoy’s Troubadour Lounge and Park — will be the scene of a community get together — this Friday night, August 1, at 7 pm at the Troubadour atop Highland Ridge in Morgan County, West Virginia.

“Many of us have fallen in love with the Troubadour,” said organizer Dr. Matt Hahn.  “This is an opportunity to thank Joltin’ Jim McCoy and Bertha for their years of hard work, and a way to keep the great times rolling at West Virginia’s greatest honky tonk.”

“What I love most about the Troubadour is that it’s the one place where everyone, people from all walks of life, with none of the traditional boundaries that seem to rule other parts of our lives, come together, for the love of country music,” Dr. Hahn said.

The meeting this Friday will focus on a community buyout of the Troubadour.

“Here’s the idea,” said Dr. Hahn “The community raises the money to purchase the Troubadour — the bar and restaurant and the entire Troubadour park.”

“When the money is raised, the new owners’ group will form a corporation, and take ownership. Jim and Bertha get the money, and remain living on the property, and keep the West Virginia Country Music Hall of Fame.”

“The ownership group will hire a manager, who runs the bar/park, and keeps it as is. A small board, elected from the owners, works with the manager, and has to approve any substantial changes to the property.”

“Owners get their picture in the Hall of Fame. Small donors can get their name on a bathroom tile! The community gets to keep coming to and enjoying the Troubadour, West Virginia’s greatest honky tonk.”

“Interested individuals should come to the August 1 meeting — we will not be collecting money at that meeting — just beginning to get commitments.”

The group has put up a Facebook page — Keep the Troubadour Alive.


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