Unger Says He’s Not Drinking Charleston Water

West Virginia Senate Majority Leader John Unger says he’s not drinking the tap water in Charleston.

When asked why not, Unger said that the U.S. Chemical Safety Board testified to a Senate panel last week that the water wasn’t safe to drink.

Unger appeared on Hoppy Kercheval’s Talkline program from the West Virginia Capitol Building in Charleston.

The West Virginia Senate will be voting today on SB 373, legislation that would require registration, inspection and regulation of above-ground chemical storage tank farms. The bill would require West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection to annually inspect above ground storage tanks with 25 miles of a drinking water intake facility.

Chris Hamilton, chair of the West Virginia Business and Industries Association, told Kercheval that his organization supports passage of SB 373. Hamilton said that the drafters of the law were “pretty judicious in not allowing this legislation to have much of an overreach.”



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