Construction Begins at DMV Site in Berkeley Springs

Construction has begun at the site of the new 9,000 square foot Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) building in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia across from Southern Belle Truck Stop on the west side of U.S. Route 522.

New Berkeley Springs DMV site across
from the Southern Belle at 3494 Valley Road

The building should be completed by May 31, 2023. 

A West Virginia DMV spokesperson said that the new offices will be home to fifteen new employees.

Morgan County residents who had to travel to the Hedgesville DMV, the Martinsburg DMV, the old Romney DMV and the new Keyser DMV to get their driver’s licenses and plates for their vehicles will now have a DMV closer to home.

The DMV building in Berkeley Springs is being built by Panhandle Builders and Excavation of Martinsburg.

The spokesperson for the West Virginia DMV said that the Berkeley Springs DMV will look exactly like the DMV in Martinsburg.

When the Berkeley Springs DMV opens next spring, does that mean that maybe the Hedgesville DMV will close, as the Romney DMV closed when the new Keyser DMV was opened?

“No closures in sight,” the DMV spokesperson said.

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