First Annual Berkeley Springs Film Festival Set for October

The first annual Berkeley Springs Film Festival is set for October 1 to October 3, 2021 at the historic Star Theater in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia.

“Other than a few very large film festivals such as Sundance, SXSW, Toronto, and Cannes that draw multi-million dollar films, the vast majority of film festivals in the world show very low budget independent films of a very wide variety of subjects,” said festival organizer Brett Hammond.  “Some are short films under twenty minutes in length, while others are feature length films. These festivals provide a venue where filmmakers can see their works on a big screen, receive audience feedback, attend seminars to improve their craft, and compete for awards and prizes. By attending this festival, you are supporting and encouraging the major motion picture film makers of tomorrow.”

Hammond said that this year they expect to show a million dollar feature length documentary, several short international films, as well as films made in or around Berkeley Springs. 

Some films will receive prize money, he said.

Hammond, who lives in Salisbury, Maryland, was looking for a place to hold a film festival. 

“My first choice was Ocean City, Maryland, but they already had a film festival,” Hammond said. “I had driven through Berkeley Springs a couple of times. Most people who go to film festivals don’t want to sit watching movies the whole time. They like to get out of their seats and walk around. And Berkeley Springs in the fall is beautiful. It’s a tourist destination. We chose the week before the Apple Butter festival.”

Tickets are on sale now at

Hammond said that “attendees may purchase their tickets before August 1 and save 20 percent off the regular price of $55 – now only $44 – less than half the price of most weekend film festivals.” 

“The festival ticket includes entry to the meet-and-greet Friday evening where you can meet independent filmmakers, seven hours of films from around the world on Saturday and the awards party Saturday night.”

Hammond said that “as restrictions are loosened by the CDC and governors of each state, we expect that there will not be any restrictions in place by the festival date.” 

“If for some reason there are restrictions imposed on us that prevents us from being allowed to meet our obligation to ticket holders, the event will be canceled and ticket money will be refunded, less the amount of any fees charged by financial processing institutions,” Hammond said. “We will not be holding an online film festival. It will either be in person, or not at all.”

Sponsors and advertisers may support of the filmmakers by requesting sponsor information from:

Filmmakers can submit their films via–

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