Trout Stocking Begins Next Week At Cacapon State Park Lakes and Opequon Creek

Grab your fishing poles.

October trout stocking is around the corner.

The West Virginia Department of Natural Resources says that there will be two trout stockings – one the week of October 19 and one the week of October 26.

Locally that means the two lakes at Cacapon State Park and the Opequon Creek in Berkeley and Jefferson counties will be fresh stocked with trout.

Jim Hedrick, West Virginia’s fish hatchery program manager, says that both lakes at Cacapon State Park will be stocked with trout, primarily rainbow trout, but with a smattering of brown trout. Several hundred pounds will be stocked in each lake each of the two weeks.

The first stocking will take place at Cacapon State Park on Saturday October 24. The second stocking will take place sometime the week of October 26.

“The trout have already been transported from the fish hatchery in Petersburg to the fish hatchery in Morgan County,” Hedrick said.

For more detail on the stocking program, check out the West Virginia 2020 Fishing Regulation Summary.

That booklet includes all regulations, including license and trout stamp requirements, catch limits, and a chart listing the streams and ponds in the state that will be stocked in October (look for code F for Fall on pages 14 and 15).

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