Zero Positives Out of 353 People Tested for Coronavirus Last Week in Berkeley Springs

Last week, local public health officials set up an outdoor testing facility at the Warm Springs Middle School in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia and 353 residents drove through and got tested for the highly contagious coronavirus.

Results? Zero positives out of 353 tested.

That’s according to Bill Kearns, director of the Morgan County Health Department.

“To date, there have been 972 people tested in Morgan County,” Kearns told Morgan County USA. “Nineteen have been identified and 18 have been listed as recovered.” 

There have been no reported deaths in Morgan County as a result of the virus.

Across West Virginia, there have been 2,092 cases out of 106,049 people tested for a positive test rate of 1.97 percent. There have been 78 deaths.

In Morgan County, the positive test rate is 1.85.

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