VDare Purchases Berkeley Springs Castle

VDare, a group that advocates for a moratorium on all immigration — legal and illegal — has purchased the Berkeley Springs Castle.

Berkeley Springs Castle
Berkeley Springs, West Virginia

“Diversity per se is not strength, but a vulnerability,” VDare says in its mission statement.

Connie Perry Realty announced recently on it’s website that the Berkeley Springs Castle was under contract for $1.3 million. 

Connie Perry would not say who the buyer is, but sources close to the deal say the buyer is VDare. Settlement of the transaction took place late Friday afternoon at Trump & Trump, the law firm of West Virginia State Senator Charles Trump (R-Morgan) in Berkeley Springs.

VDare is named after Virginia Dare, the first English child born in the new world.

VDare founder Peter Brimelow is himself an immigrant from the UK via Canada. For most of his professional life, he worked as a financial journalist for Forbes, Barron’s, Fortune, The Wall Street Journal and MarketWatch among others. 

Brimelow worked as an aide to Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) from 1978 to 1980. In 1997, he and others had a falling out with William Buckley at the National Review over immigration. (In 2009, Brimelow wrote that Buckley was “a disaster for the American Conservative Movement and to the cause of patriotic immigration reform, which he encouraged some of us to champion in National Review before stabbing us in the back and handing the magazine over to hostile neoconservatives and GOP publicists.” )

Brimelow calls himself a “civic nationalist” and last month he sued the New York Times for describing him as an “open white nationalist.”

Brimelow says that VDare has been looking around the country for a place to hold conferences.

“We have had a number of conferences cancelled this year by hotels,” Brimelow said on VDare TV in December 2019. “They always have to pay us out because the contract that we get drawn up is very strong. But of course, we don’t get to have the meeting.” (here at 6:15)

According to an article last month in the Colorado Independent, VDare sued Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers “after VDare’s conference in Colorado Springs was canceled by the Cheyenne Mountain Resort, following widespread backlash and an announcement by Suthers that the city wouldn’t provide resources for the event. The federal lawsuit alleges that Suthers and the city violated VDare’s First Amendment rights.”

Brimelow burst onto the American political scene with his 1996 book Alien Nation: Common Sense About America’s Immigration Disaster in which he declares that “the American nation has always had a specific ethnic core — and that core has been white.”

Brimelow says that the 1965 immigration law dramatically skewed immigration toward the third world, that public policy is now making the United States a multiracial society, and that “there is no precedent for a sovereign country undergoing such a rapid and radical transformation of its ethnic character.”

“And it is a fact that race is destiny in American politics, in the entirely empirical sense that here, unlike Europe, political allegiances are generally determined by ethnicity, not class,” Brimelow wrote.

The book was praised by Senator Eugene McCarthy who said that “Brimelow provides us with much common sense on declaring our independence from the mounting migration pressures coming to bear on our nation.”

The Economist wrote that Alien Nation “has the quality of an embarrassing dinner party guest — boorish, noisy and loquacious, but also, maddeningly, often right.”

In a 2016 interview with Alan Colmes, Brimelow was asked — “Do you think whites are better people to have in your culture because of the way they live?”

“You know, I personally like living in a white society,” Brimelow said.

“Why do you prefer to live in a white society?” Colmes asked.

“Well, I think for one thing, it is much safer. The civilization levels are much higher.”

“Is that an issue of race or of poverty?” Colmes asked.

“I think it’s ultimately an issue of race,” Brimelow said.

“Why?” Colmes asked.

“I think that’s what the evidence seems to suggest. Some immigrants have relatively low crime levels, again the East Asians. Some, like the Haitians, have very high crime levels. It does seem to be correlated with race.”

At a 2017 conference, Brimelow said — “There’s ethnic specialization in crime. And Hispanics do specialize in rape, particularly of children. They’re very prone to it, compared to other groups.” (Here at 51:35)

At the same conference, Brimelow called on President Donald Trump to set the refugee quota at zero. “He has the right to do that and he should do that immediately,” Brimelow said. “Except perhaps for a few thousand white South Africans.” (Here at 41:05)

A caller to the Colmes show asked Brimelow if he had children that dated a black individual, would he have a problem with it?

“I’m far too much of a liberal wimp to object to that,” Brimelow said. “I would hope it was a good black person and they loved each other. And I guess I would be sad if I didn’t have grandchildren who looked like my grandparents—

“You would be sad if you didn’t have white grandchildren?” Colmes asked.

“I think it would cross my mind, just as it does with Jewish parents if their children are dating non-Jews, doesn’t it?”

Brimelow is also the author of the 2003 book The Worm in the Apple: How the Teacher Unions Are Destroying American Education.

In a recent podcast on the legacy of William Buckley, the conversation turned to why President Trump won the 2016 election.

“Trump won because he was an implicitly white candidate,” Brimelow said. “He didn’t say or do very much to appeal to the white vote. But he was able to somehow signal it. And it worked. But the downside is that a lot of other people don’t like that kind of thing. Frankly, I think that is particularly true for American Jews. The hysteria of American Jews about Trump is just unbelievable, staggering. And they are well able to finance an opposition to Trump. . . That’s a big part of what is going on here. The base of the Never Trump (movement) on the right is conservative Jews.” (here at 56:00)

In another podcast, Brimelow says that in 2016, Bernie Sanders rattled Hillary Clinton. “At some point, she should have said — we can’t possibly nominate a septuagenarian Communist Jew . . . It’s a very unusual thing to nominate a Jew in a predominantly Christian society.” And then — “You can’t understand Democratic politics without understanding the role of Jews. It’s true of homosexuals too. . .There was a homosexual ring running this (Clinton’s) campaign.” (Here at 1:11). 

Brimelow and the VDare Foundation, based in Washington, Connecticut, did not return a call and emails seeking comment. 

A person who answered the phone at VDare, when asked whether VDare would move its headquarters to the Berkeley Springs Castle, said that she couldn’t comment and that Brimelow would be the person authorized to speak for VDare on the subject. 

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