Belly Dancers Flash Mob in Berkeley Springs

Twenty-one belly dancers will be flash mobbing Berkeley Springs on Saturday May 11 as part of World Bellydance Day.

The group, led by Morgan County Bellysima Bellydance instructor Angela Petry, will be shimmying around Berkeley Springs.

Possible shimmy mob venues include — the Plant Fair in Berkeley Springs State Park, the Earth Dog Cafe, outside the Morgan County Courthouse, the Star Theater, and the historic Troubadour Lounge and Park.

In addition to raising awareness about bellydance as an artform and exercise, the dancers will be raising funds for Stepping Stones to a Brighter Future, a local non profit that provides financial, emotional and life skills assistance to survivors of domestic violence.

The group was in Berkeley Springs State Park yesterday, practicing their routine, drawing attention from tourists, and donating used purses to Stepping Stones to a Brighter Future.

The purses will be sold to raise money for the organization.

More than 2,000 belly dancers will be dancing in Shimmy Mobs around the country and the world as part of World Bellydance Day.

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