Dr. Matt Hahn to Kick Off Campaign for Congress December 20 at the Troubadour in Berkeley Springs

Dr. Matt Hahn will kick off his campaign for the Republican nomination for Congress on December 20, 2019 at 7 pm at the Troubadour in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. 

Dr. Hahn is running for the Republican nomination for Congress in the Second Congressional District of West Virginia. 

Dr. Hahn is a practicing family physician. He lives in Berkeley Springs. This is Dr. Hahn’s first run for political office. 

“I am running because I can’t sit by anymore as our leaders fight with one another and American patients needlessly suffer and die,” Hahn said. “Modern politics are the politics of division. One party only exists to beat the other. And nothing gets done.” 

Country Music Legend Jim McCoy
singing with Dr. Matt Hahn

“I believe that with everything we know today, that if we worked together we could do anything, including fixing the U.S. health care system. But if we continue down our current path, we risk losing everything we value.” 

“God has given us a simple task: to love one another. When we do that, anything is possible.”

Dr. Hahn, a musician in a previous life and a member of the West Virginia Country Music Hall of Fame, will perform the Johnny Cash classic Man in Black at the kick-off event at the Troubadour on December 20. All are invited. 

Independents and Republicans can vote in the Republican primary in West Virginia, which is set for May 12, 2020. You must register to vote by April 21 to vote in the May 12 primary.

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