Jimmy Stewart on Jet Engines Wal-Mart and George Bailey

Jimmy Stewart is an aircraft maintenance instructor in Hagerstown. He spent twenty years in the Navy as a jet engine mechanic — including for the Blue Angels.

He’s now running for Morgan County Commissioner as a Republican against Ken Reed and Darren Barney.

“We need economic development,” Stewart says. “I’m not here to take down mountains or streams. That’s the reason why everybody comes here — because it’s so nice. We need to keep our young people here.”

“I’m not sure whether a Wal-Mart is the right thing for this community at this point in time,” Stewart says. “What would do well is a Tractor Supply. That would be good for our farmers, for our outdoors people. It’s imperative that we fund the Economic Development Authority here. They are going in the right direction.”

“Wal Mart — it would be nice to have somewhere to buy some clothes. We can put in the right place. We don’t have to tear up mountains and streams. I believe Wal-Mart would work. But let’s not make this into a strip mall. We need a Wal-Mart. We need to put signs up for Berkeley Springs. We have some fabulous restaurants around here. But we have to advertise.”

“I grew up here. I never really left when I was in the Navy. I kept this as my home of record.”

Stewart said he supported both the doubling of the ambulance fee and the school levy.

“Our seniors are the backbone of our county, but the kids are our future. We have to provide everything we can for the kids.”
How is the race going?

“I believe me and Mr. Reed will be in it at the end,” Stewart says. “I can see myself pulling away.”

Stewart admits his name is a plus. He says he loved his namesake — actor Jimmy Stewart — in the movie It’s a Wonderful Life.

“I love George Bailey,” Stewart says. “He had a heart. He loved the community. He wanted the community as one.”

Who is the Mr. Potter of Morgan County?

“The tax assessor? I’m not sure.” he says.

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