It’s Cold Outside but Berkeley Springs Farmers Market Is Still Open

It’s cold outside. But the Berkeley Springs Farmers Market is still open.


The market is open from April through mid-December on Sundays from 10 am to 2 pm.

The market is in downtown Berkeley Springs on Fairfax Street and US 522.

There are fifteen vendors at the market.

“They are local farmers,” said market manager Amie Middlekauff.  “Our largest producers include Glascock Produce. They have apples year around. They also have canned goods — like apple butter. There is Dave Elliott of Blue Mountain Farm. He is a distributor for Trickling Springs Creamery. He also is an egg producer and does speciality crops. He’s known for his chocolate milk.”

Does anybody sell meat products?

“We have a farm that joined us this year — Savage River Farm out of Garrett County, Maryland,” Middlekauff said. “They raise grass fed beef. They also have rabbits and pork.”

Other vendors include — Farm of Peace, Gleason Orchard, Lot 12, Mock’s Greenhouse &amp, Payne’s Berries, Plum Run Farm, Saratoga Run Farm, Thistle Glen Garden, and Quail Hollow Farm.

The farmers market accepts food stamps.

“If you spend $25 worth of foods stamps, we will double it,” Middlekauff said. “Last year we matched $2500.”

Middlekauff said that on average about 700 to 800 people walk through the farmers market every week and about 45 percent to 60 percent end up shopping at the market.

There were 27,000 visitors last year.


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