Berkeley Springs Billboard Barks Back

George Farnham and Amy Lane and Bark at the Commissioners are ratcheting up the heat on Stacy Dugan and Brad Close.

They’ve put up a billboard on 522 that reads:

Woof Woof. Close Rt. 9 Kennels.

Farnham and Lane started Bark at the Commissioners to pressure Morgan County Commissioners Dugan and Close to join Commissioner Brenda Hutchinson and close down the Rt. 9 Kennels.

Bark at the Commissioners has held protests in front of the Morgan County Courthouse.

Farmham has publically chastised the Democrat Dugan – who Farnham supported in her successful 2008 election run – and the Republican Close – who Farnham supported in his successful 2010 election run – for refusing to close down the kennels – which Bark at the Commissioners claims are cramped and unsanitary.

Farnham and Lane – along with a large group of dog owners in Morgan County that make up Bark – want the County kennels closed.


Tomorrow, Lane will appear before the Commission to discuss the situation.

Farnham said that because of Bark’s political agitation, the Commissioners are taking some measures – which he calls cosmetic – to rectify the situation.

Farnham, Lane and Bark say they are not going away until the kennels are closed.

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