New Rabel Radio Ad Rips Mooney, Casey

Independent Ed Rabel’s new radio ad goes after Republican Alex Mooney as “a carpetbagger from Maryland” and Democrat Nick Casey “as the voice of the millionaires and the people who own and control corporations.”

“I’m Ed Rabel, a West Virginia native whose roots go deep into Rabel Mountain in Kanawha County,” Rabel says on the ad, which began running today on WDHC in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia.

“At CBS  I signed off as Ed Rabel, CBS News, Baghdad,” Rabel says. “At NBC it was Ed Rabel, NBC News, the Pentagon.”

“In November that name — Ed Rabel — will be on the general election ballot as the independent candidate for U.S. House of Representatives in our Second Congressional District.”

“I’m running as an independent because that’s what I am,” Rabel says.

“Unlike the Republican I oppose, a fella’ named Mooney, I was actually born here,” Rabel says. “Over on the west side of Charleston.  Mooney is  a carpetbagger from Maryland.

Unlike the other fella’ on the ballot, the Democrat, Nick Casey,  I’m not running to be the voice of the millionaires or the people who own and control corporations.”

“Heck, I’m not even accepting contributions from the big-money boys. Not a nickel.

“When I go to Washington it’ll be to speak for folks like you, just regular West Virginians who only want a fair shake.”

“As the independent candidate, I’m not beholden to Wall Street and the big corporations that steal our natural resources, poison our drinking water and blow up our beautiful mountains.”

“I am beholden only to the people of West Virginia.”

“In November, vote Independent. Vote Ed Rabel for Congress.”



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