Gas in Virginia 65 Cents Cheaper Per Gallon than Across the Border in West Virginia

The price of gasoline at the Gainesboro Market in Cross Junction, Virginia dropped yesterday to $3.79 a gallon.

At the BP across the state line in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, the price was $4.45 and at Sheetz in town, the price was $4.43. 

If you have a 20 gallon tank, you are paying $75.80 for a fill up in Virginia, but $89.00 at the Sheetz in Berkeley Springs — a savings of more than $13 per fill up.

The national average for a gallon of gas fell 15 cents since last week to $4.52. 

The steady decline is due to lower domestic demand for gasoline at the pump and a much lower global price for oil.

The cost of a barrel of oil is in the mid-$90s, down from around $110 two weeks ago.

“Global economic headwinds are pushing oil prices lower and less expensive oil leads to lower pump prices,” said AAA’s Andrew Gross. “And here at home, people are fueling up less, despite this being the height of the traditional summer driving season. These two key factors are behind the recent drop in pump prices.”

According to new data from the Energy Information Administration (EIA), gas demand dropped from 9.41 million b/d to 8.06 million b/d last week, while total domestic gas stocks increased by 5.8 million bbl. The decrease in demand and declining oil prices have helped push pump prices down. As these supply/demand dynamics hold, drivers will likely continue to see price relief at the pump.

The national average of $4.52 is 46 cents less than a month ago and $1.36 more than a year ago.

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