Berkeley Springs Family Doctor Loses Internet for Ten Days Frontier Communications Non Responsive

No pulse.

In the eyes of Dr. Matthew Hahn, that’s been Frontier Communications for the past ten days.

For ten days, the internet has been down at the Berkeley Springs, West Virginia home of Dr. Hahn and his wife Bibi.

Ten days.

Calls. More calls.

Promises. More promises.

But no one to come out to the house and fix it.

Until today.

“I take calls from home, and need to have remote access to my patients’ records to do my job,” Dr. Hahn said. “I get patient calls during the evening and on weekends and need internet access to take care of my patients. This is completely unacceptable in this day and age. There is no good reason we can’t have reliable internet service. If something bad happens to a patient because of this, the company should be liable.”

In desperation, Bibi Hahn took to Facebook and Twitter.

Bibi Hahn writes on Twitter: “Hey @FrontierCorp quit treating us like a third world country. Hire more people, buy some 21st century equipment.”

“Our #Frontier internet has been down since June 16th,” Bibi Hahn wrote on Facebook. “When I first called about it, I was given a June 30th date for the tech appointment.”

“Matt called them this weekend and asked them to escalate our issue-he requires Internet when he’s home – and we were promised the first appointment this morning (Monday).”

“No tech showed up or contacted me by 10, so back to the phone I go. I got put on hold for 30 minutes, and as soon as a rep answered, the line went dead. Called back. On hold again for 20 minutes, and the line goes dead.”

“Finally got someone on the line who told me ‘escalations are not guaranteed,” that they are 165 tickets behind, and that a lot of their equipment is old and failing. The tech will call me when he’s ready to come here. Whenever that is.”

“This is West Virginia’s major internet provider – and the only one available to me – and they treat us like we’re a third world country: old equipment, not hiring enough people to handle the problems, even their own phone system seems to blow up.”

“It’s disturbing and wrong,” she writes.

When informed midday of the problem, Frontier spokesperson Andy Malinoski says that someone will be at the Hahn household today to fix the problem and Frontier is looking into why the Hahns couldn’t get anyone to fix the problem for ten days.

“Frontier Communications is committed to meeting our customers service expectations,” Malinoski writes. “We sincerely apologize for the delays you have brought to our attention. Frontier is allocating additional resources to the area to address the service issues we are experiencing and will continue to work diligently to resolve our customer’s concerns.”

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