Homeschoolers for the Levy

Dia Griffiths is a homeschooler from Berkeley Springs, West Virginia.

She graduates next month from Baldwin Wallace College in Ohio.

And she’s voting for the school levy. Why?

“As a homeschooler, I was active in the arts,” Griffiths said. “And I was in a lot of the plays they did at the high school. I had a lot of friends who were in those. And I have friends here who went to the high school who benefitted from going to the high school and being in the arts and sports. Members of my family are in the school system. So, it’s an important levy to pass.”

What if the levy doesn’t pass?

“Many of those programs that I found beneficial — like the arts for example — would get cut. And there wouldn’t be a place to do community or high school theater. Some of the other sports programs would be cut. People that I know — school counsellors, guidance counsellors — would lose their jobs. Those people help students to decide what to do after they graduate.

Griffiths says that if she’s not here on election day — May 13 — she will vote by absentee ballot.

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