Louis Pasola, 91 Year Old Retired Barber, Jazz Musician to Vote for the Levy

Louis Pasola lives in Morgan County, West Virginia. He’s 91 years young.

Lou is a retired barber and jazz musician. He played in the U.S. Army band.

He’s a vet of World War II.

At Thanksgiving, he was almost a goner.

He had a bad case of pneumonia.

His lungs closed down.

He went into cardiac arrest.

He was rushed to Winchester Medical Center.

His daughter was given a do not resuscitate form to sign.

She didn’t sign.

Instead she said — let me find out what’s going on first.

What was going on was the doctors were racing frantically to bring Lou back to life.

The CPR was aggressive.

The doctors broke his ribs.

But they brought him back to life.

His eyes popped open.

And he said — “here I am.”

And there he was.

On May 13, Lou Pasola is going to Greenwood School — his polling place — to vote for the school levy.

In a recent video, Lou had this to say:

“I’m Lou Pasola. I’m 91 years old. And I’m voting yes for the levy on May 13 because the children in this world are our future.”

Nice hat, Lou!

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