Charles Town Residents Launch Petition Against Rockwool Industrial Sewer Line

Jefferson County Vision is launching a petition under state law to strengthen the process for passing a key part of the Rockwool heavy industry project.

The government’s secretly negotiated deal with Rockwool includes construction of a new industrial sewer line from Charles Town to Jefferson Orchard.

The industrial sewer is supposed to be financed by a $16 million bond passed by the Charles Town Building Commission and the Charles Town City Council.

Despite overwhelming opposition, state bureaucrats are still trying to push the measure through.

Fortunately, under West Virginia law (Code § 8-16-7), Charles Town property owners have the right to be directly heard on this issue.

If thirty percent of Charles Town property owners sign these petitions, additional votes will be needed to pass the Rockwool bond. The group says the petitions will trigger a requirement that the bonds must get 4/5 vote to pass instead of a simple majority.

The Mayor of Charles Town, Scott Rogers, opposes Rockwool and the Rockwool industrial sewer bond and has written a letter supporting the petition effort.

In order to sign these petitions, you must own property – a home or other real estate – within the city of Charles Town.

“Rockwool needs an industrial sewer in order to build its global-scale insulation factory, so signing these petitions will help make it harder to build heavy industry in the middle of Jefferson County,” said Charles Town resident Hannah Amiet. “My family, like so many residents, chose to live here because of the natural beauty, safety, and clean air. Heavy industry was never part of the Jefferson County Comprehensive plan, or our foreseeable future, and we need the help of our neighbors in Charles Town to stand up to those advocating for smokestacks in our county. Charles Town is standing strong and independent to defend our community from Rockwool and overreach by the state government.”

“This petition effort is another avenue for the residents of Jefferson County to be heard on Rockwool. We urge all Charles Town property owners to sign them, and we will present them to the Charles Town government once we have signatures from thirty percent of city property owners. Please sign if you live in municipal Charles Town, and urge your friends here to sign as well.”

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