Tally Ranels Reed to Run for House of Delegates

Berkeley Springs businesswoman Tally Ranels Reed has tossed her hat into the ring to run for the open House of Delegates District 59 seat vacated by Saira Blair (R-Berkeley).

Tally Ranels Reed

Reed is co-founder of Reed’s Pharmacy along with her husband and Morgan County Commissioner Ken Reed.

She is also the manager of a new restaurant in Berkeley Springs owned by the Reeds – The Canary Grill.

In 2014, Ken Reed spent more than $500,000 of his own money on an unsuccessful bid in the Republican primary for U.S. Congress.

In a seven way race, Ken Reed came in second place, garnering 7,848 votes (22 percent) to Congressman Alex Mooney’s 12,678 votes (36 percent).

Tally Ranels Reed is running in the Republican primary against former Delegate Larry Kump who held the seat from 2010 to 2014.

Kump was defeated by then 17-year-old Saira Blair in 2014 in the Republican primary. Kump garnered 729 votes (45 percent) to Blair’s 875 votes (55 percent).

The only Democrat in the May 8 primary is newcomer and recent West Virginia Law School graduate John Isner.


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