John Reisenweber and the Misinformation About the Mountaineer Gas and TransCanada Pipelines

Jefferson County Economic Development Authority director John Reisenweber is complaining about  “misinformation from the naysayers” about the TransCanada and Mountaineer Gas pipelines that have triggered protests from local residents.

John Reisenweber

John Reisenweber

“We’ve been drowned out by hired guns (protesters) from D.C. and the Dakotas,”  Reisenweber said. “I was at a meeting last week where they bused people in.”

Reisenweber was referring to the TransCanada Open House in Hancock last week where more than 100 people gathered to say no to the TransCanada pipeline.

More than 90 percent of those who opposed the pipeline at that meeting were from Berkeley Springs and the eastern panhandle.

There were no hired guns.

There were no buses.

It was mostly just a group of local people fed up with the corporate state.

Fed up with eminent domain for private gain.

Fed up with their state senators introducing corporate welfare legislation written by the natural gas industry.

Fed up with economic development officials playing footsie with fossil fuel executives.

You don’t need buses or hired guns, Mr. Reisenweber.

You just need to open your eyes.

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